Computer Sales & Service

No Fix, No Charge Policy
If for some reason we cannot fix your computer problem, we will not charge you a penny for any of our service work done In-Shop only (We cannot give refunds for On-Site work). Also, if we service your computer and the same problem happens again up to 2 days later, bring your computer in to us and we will service it for free until that particular problem stays fixed.

Software or CD Liability
We take great care of our equipment and we try very hard to keep everything highly organized. If you bring your computer to us for service of any kind, please put all of your software CD's that you might have in a plastic bag or something similar and label it with your name. This is just a precaution to ensure that your CD's do not get mixed in with anything else. If this or something like this is not done, we are not to be held liable for any lost or supposedly lost software or CD's.

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